Housing Benefit Payment QUESTIONNAIRE

You will have received a letter or email from us recently saying that your Housing benefit payment has been reduced or stopped. This is a serious matter.

Rent is a priority – if you don’t pay, you could lose your home. What you can do:

Don’t ignore the problem

Act quickly to pay any rent debt and make sure you stay in your home
Call us – we’re here to help. We can advise how best to clear any rent arrears and manage your money to stay out of debt

Work together with us, we can find a solution.

How you can appeal to the council to review or reassess your housing benefit claim

You can use the form below as a way of telling us your intention to pay the outstanding rent and when you will do this.

Rent arrears due to a housing benefit claim issues

If you have rent arrears because of problems with your housing benefit claim, there are a number of things you may be able to do to stop the situation getting worse.

  • Check your housing benefit claim is up to date

The council usually sends you a renewal form at regular intervals if you already claim housing benefit.

You must complete the renewal form and send it back in time. Include all the information the council asks for.

If you don’t do this, your housing benefit could stop and you could be at risk of eviction due to rent arrears.

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Report changes in circumstances

You must tell the council about any change of circumstances in your situation, such as a change in your income or someone moving in with you.

If you don’t update your claim, you could miss out on the extra housing benefit you might be entitled to or could get paid too much. You would have to pay back any housing benefit overpayment.

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Please fill in the relevant form below as soon as you can, this is an urgent matter and we need to hear from you, or you can send us an email. Please do this within the next 48 hours.

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Property AddressEnter your full address and postcode
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Mobile Phone No:Contact telephone number.

Housing Benefit shortfall or cancelled, please fill this in if your housing benefits have been stopped or if the payments are lower than usual

Have you asked the Council to reassess and review your claim?select just one
Have you submitted any new information to the Council to review your claim?select just one

Rent arrears, please fill this in if you have received a letter or email from us regarding rent arrears and you receive Housing Benefit.

Are you able to make payments as requested in our letter or email to reduce the rent arrears?select just one
Have you amended your standing order to increase the monthly payments?select just one
Any other comments you wish to make?
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