Black Mould and Condensation

Black Mould

Black Mould can cause respiratory problems for inhabitants, you should not let it continue unabated.

At the first sign of Black Mould forming you need to wipe down the walls and window frames with a fungicidal wash to remove the growth. Make sure to follow the instructions precisely.

Report Black Mould to us and provide pictures and we can give you the fungicidal wash to clean the walls and windows.


You can prevent Mould by stopping the formation of condensation in the property. Condensation occurs when warm moist air meets cold air, for instance when cooking or bathing. You should use the extractor fans in the bathroom and kitchen to remove the hot air from the property.

Please download the guide below for more information about how to prevent Black Mould and Condensation and what to do when you have Black Mould.

In addition please download the useful check guide before reporting the fault

Download Useful Guide How to reduce Condensation and Black Mould.