Electrical Fault

You can lose power to your home for several reasons from a planned interruption from your supplier through to a switch tripping or a fault with your wiring or an electrical appliance or you have not used up the credit on a prepaid meter.

If you lose power but you are not aware of a planned interruption and your neighbours/the rest of the street still seem to have power then you may well have tripped the system.

Please check your fuse box or consumer unit to see if circuit breakers require resetting.

If you are not sure how to do this please watch the following short clip:http://youtu.be/BlKeBJ41fH4

If the power to your plugs or lights in parts of your house or flat has gone off then you will need to check the following steps before calling us or an emergency electrician:

1. Turn off the appliances and lights in the affected part of the house, otherwise the electrics could just keep tripping.

2. Locate your fuse box - this could be in the basement, close to the front door or in a cupboard in the front bedroom or lounge. This isn't an exhaustive list - you may need to have a look around.

3. Check all of the circuit breakers are in the ON position. If they aren't, turn them all the way off and then ON.

4. Wait 20 seconds to check the circuit breaker doesn't trip again. If it does, you probably haven't unplugged the faulty item, so check again.

5. If the circuit breaker doesn't trip, you can turn on one item at a time. If the circuit breaker trips as you turn an item on, then it is likely that this one is causing the fault. Leave this item off.

6. If the circuit breaker keeps tripping and you are sure you have unplugged all appliances, you will need an electrician. If it is your appliance causing the fault, you will be responsible for fixing or disposing of it.

If you're worried that the electrics aren't safe, contact us and we will attend as soon as possible. However, please note that if you haven't followed the above steps then you may be liable for the charge.


Light Bulbs

Changing light bulbs is a tenant responsibility. This does not mean that you have to physically do this yourself, but it is your responsibility to change or pay for a contractor to do so where necessary. If you are not sure how to change a light bulb please watch the following short clip:http://youtu.be/JW2Br1yjwZA

If the problem is not the bulb itself and therefore relates to the fitting itself please continue to report the issue online.


Power Socket and panel Heaters

Please check your fuse box or consumer unit to see if circuit breakers require resetting. If you are not sure how to do this please watch the following short clip: http://youtu.be/BlKeBJ41fH4

If the circuit breakers have not tripped please check to see if other properties are also without power (it could be a general power cut). Or if you have a prepayment (Key or card) meter, please ensure you have credit available. If the above does not work please continue to submit online.If a contractor is sent and the above has not been checked by you and is found to be the cause of the problem the cost of the call out can be charged to you.

In addition please download the useful check guide before reporting the fault

Download Useful Guide Help my rcd keeps tripping.