Extract Fans

Please see electric fault check list before reporting malfunctioning extract fan.

Extractor fans are necessary for ventilation in your bathroom or kitchen.

If your extractor fan is malfunctioning or is too loud please clean the fan.

How to Clean the Extractor Fan Extractor fans work like a vacuum cleaner by filtering out the bad air from your house to outside.

Consequently, similar to vacuum cleaners, dust and dirt can collect on the fans very easily. If your extractor fan appears to be non-effective or noisy, your first approach to fixing the fan should be cleaning it. In fact, it is crucial to clean the extractor fans regularly in order to prevent the fans from malfunctioning or even spread air pollution in your house.

Make sure to wear gloves and a face mask to avoid contact or inhalation of the dust particles from the fan. Before cleaning the fan, turn off the electricity and switch off the fused connections.

Then, dilute a liquid detergent to 50% with warm water. Use a vacuum to clean off all the loose dust from the fan and use a tooth brush dipped in liquid detergent to clean the corners. Wash the entire fan with cloth and liquid detergent. Completely wipe the water off the fan with dry cloth. It is important that water does not contact any part of the electronic devices of the fan.