My Fuse Box keeps tripping

When a fuse box trips it is usually an indication that a faulty electrical item has been plugged in or faulty wiring in the home.

You can work out what the problem is using a process of elimination

  1. Look at the fuse box and find which switch is tripping, this will let you know which area of the property the problem is coming from, which narrows down your search.
  2. Think about when the fuse first tripped, did you turn something on, a lightbulb, an appliance? If so, unplug the item and restore the electricity, put them item back in and if it trips, you have found the problem.
  3. If you cannot remember what may have caused the electricity to trip, unplug all the appliances, switch the electric back on and one by one plug the appliances back in until the fuse box trips.
  4. Are you overloading your circuits? If you have a lot of appliances plugged in, using a lot of electricity at the same time this could be overloading your electricity. This is especially true if you are using extension leads or block adapters.
  5. Is any of the electricity cords on the appliances damaged, if so, this can create an improper connection cause the fuse box to trip.
  6. If you have followed the above and not been able to find the problem this may be an issue with the wiring in the fuse box. Is the main breaker tripping but the individual breakers are fine? If so, please contact us by email or online repair form stating that this is the problem.