Pests / Vermin


Your tenancy Agreement states that you should take any reasonable steps to prevent any infestation of mice / rats or any other vermin during your tenancy.

The main groups of pests that can infest you are usually:

Taking preventative precautions, you can make the chance of infestation much lower. Please follow the link below to see what you can do.

Download Useful Guide Vermin and mice.

Removing infestation

If your preventative measures fail and you have an infestation, then you need to take appropriate action to remove the infestation to us. Report the problem to us with evidence of the infestation and we can provide you with a humane trap and glue boards.

To see how to use them properly, please follow the link below:

Glue Boards:

Mouse Traps:

For alternative methods to remove an infestation from your home, you can follow the below link to the Rentokil website. They can provide you with information regarding almost any kind of infestation.

Rentokil Website:

If you have taken the appropriate action to remove any infestation, but have been unsuccessful, please continue reporting the issue. If the situation is serious enough, we will contact professional pest controllers to get rid of the infestation.