Blocked Toilet

Most times when a toilet is blocked, it can be easily unblocked if you know how to do it.

You can give it a try before contacting the landlord as they might not be able to send someone right away to clear it. Click the link below for several techniques to unblock a toilet:

If you do not want to touch the water, you can follow the instructions from the link below to get rid of a blockage.

If you have tried to remove the blockage using the techniques in the above links and have not been successful, please report the blockage to us through our online form.

If you find that in addition to your toilet, that sinks are blocked as well, there may be a blockage in the drainage and you need to report this to us through the online form so we can arrange for a drain specialist to go to the property.

You can view how to unblock your toilet using a plunger, please check the link below to view a video:

You can also view a way to unblock your toilet without a plunger: