Check boiler

Please check whether the boiler is turned on and that there is still a gas supply to the property by checking another gas appliance (hob or fire).

There are 2 common causes for gas boilers not working which you should be able to diagnose and solve:

Pilot Light - Many boiler issues are related to the pilot light not being lit, this is easy to do and can normally be done by the tenants, watch this video or read the boiler instruction manual and you may be able to do it yourself:

Combi Boiler Pressure - Combi boilers (ones that give both heating and hot water on demand) require the correct operating pressure or they shut down as a safety precaution. It is usually quite straightforward to repressurise a combination boiler. Please refer to the appliance manual for instructions (if you don't have it add the make & model into a google search) or watch the following clips: General Combi Boiler:

Top Tips to figure what could be wrong -

If the above does not work or if there is no hot water after the boiler has been turned on and enough time has passed to heat the water then please contact us by telephone or continue to report the issue online.

If you have problem with a radiator not heating up, please follow the link to a video with useful information

Radiator help video -

In addition please download the useful check guide before reporting the fault

Download useful guide