You should always be paying your rent in advance, whether this is weekly or monthly. Your rent is the most important financial commitment you have.

As you know, rent payments is one of the most important parts of your tenancy with us and if you do not pay it, you could lose your home. Therefore, rent should always be the first priority, above any other financial commitments.

Should any reason come up mean you cannot pay your rent, you should contact us right away – Contact ZK Investments.

We can offer advice on dealing with debt and arrears – Arrears advice.

How to pay your rent
You can pay your rent in a couple of ways, choose the convenient option for you:

On Line Bank Transfer
An online bank transfer is the easy way to transfer money. If your bank offers phone or online banking, you can transfer money directly to another account.

All you need is the account details of the person or company you’re paying.

  • It’s fast. Most online, phone or standing order payments now use a new Faster Payments Service, which means that payments arrive the same business day.
  • It’s usually free. The Faster Payments Service is generally free.
  • It’s flexible. You can move money, pay bills and set up payments 24 hours a day.
  • It’s safe, as long as you use the right payment details.

Our landlord bank account details are:

SORT CODE 56-00-27

A/C Number 08269602

Make sure you use the correct account number and sort code when you make a phone or online payment. Banks rely on these rather than the name of the person or company.

bank offers phone or online banking, you can transfer money directly to another account.

All you need is the account details of the person or company you’re paying.

Debit Card / Credit Card

Call our payments line: 020 8680 2191 during office hours and we will process the payment and once validated we will issue a receipt.

In person
You can pay your rent by cash only by visiting our offices and with an appointment.

Our offices are open weekdays from 10 am to 5pm.

You will be provided with a stamped receipt and this must be kept in a safe place, so you can reconcile the payments when we provide you with your annual rent statement.
Housing Benefit Direct

If you are claiming Housing Benefit, you can ask your local council to pay your rent straight to us.

However, it is still your responsibility to make sure that we are receiving the payment.


You must never do the following

  • Post money to us
  • Never give money to a worker from ZK Investments outside of our office
  • If you do the above, we cannot guarantee that the payment will be credited to your account
Housing Benefit Tenants

Payments of housing benefit under LHA (LOCAL HOUSING ALLOWANCE)

Payments of housing benefit under LHA (LOCAL HOUSING ALLOWANCE)
All housing benefit is paid in arrears and is usually paid at fortnightly or four weekly intervals. This can cause and issue for you and for the landlords who are used to receiving rent in advance and in monthly instalments.

It is your responsibility to pay any shortfall in rent if your housing benefit entitlement is lower than the rent charged.

As a tenant it is essential that you keep accurate records when receiving housing benefit, so you can make sure that payments are up to date.

Housing benefit is usually paid directly to the tenant. In certain circumstances, it can be paid to the landlord or managing agent:

  • If the tenant has requested that payment be made directly to the landlord
  • If the Council believes direct payment is in the best interests of the tenant
  • If the tenant is 4 weeks or more in arrears.

If you cannot afford the shortfall you must contact us immediately. Doing nothing is not an option and can result in you losing your home.

In some cases, where there is a shortfall between the amount of rent you are charged and the amount of housing benefit you receive under the LHA system, the Council can authorise a short term “top up” payment, known as a Discretionary Housing Payment. You will have to apply for this.