Repair Responsibilities

Your landlord is responsible for repairing and maintaining:

• The structure and outside parts of your home
• Any fixtures and fittings we have installed
• All water and gas pipes, wiring and heating systems
• Any communal (shared) areas

As a tenant We expect you to treat your home with care and respect.

That means you should:

• Keep your home in a reasonable condition
• Report any repairs we are responsible for to us as soon as you notice them
• Carry out any repairs you are responsible for
• Allow us into your home to carry out repairs, inspections and safety checks – this is a condition of your tenancy
• Maintain any fixtures or fittings you, or previous tenants, have put in (unless we have agreed to maintain them for you)
• Repair any damage caused deliberately or through neglect, misuse or DIY by you, your family or visitors

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