Housing Benefit/ Local Housing Allowance

Housing Benefit/ Universal Credit

If you’re on a low income and need financial help to pay all or part of your rent, you may be able to get Housing Benefit / Universal Credit.

Housing benefit is paid by the local council and is based on the level of rent, your income, savings and personal circumstances and those living in your house.

Universal Credit is paid by the Department of Work and Pensions. Universal Credit is all off your entitlements in one package rather than a group of benefits.

You can claim Housing Benefit / Universal Credit even if you do not receive any other benefits.

You may be eligible for housing benefit if you are receiving:
• Income Support / Jobseeker’s Allowance / Employment Support Allowance
• Pension Credit
• or if you are on a low income

Our landlords have been renting to Housing Benefit tenants for the last 15 years.

We welcome new applicants who are entitled to Housing Benefits or Universal Credit.

Regarding your deposit, we will require this to be paid before you move into the property. We will take the deposit being paid by you, a friend / relative or the local council.

If you do plan on having your local council help you with paying your deposit, we would advise getting in contact with them before viewing properties, make sure you are eligible and find out their contact information. Follow this link to find your council’s contact information: https://www.gov.uk/find-local-council

Our landlords may also require in certain cases a Guarantor for the tenancy and especially for new applicants for housing benefits. The guarantor can be any one over the age of 25. The guarantor has to be either in full time employment or a property owner.

If we accept you as a tenant and you are planning to claim Housing Benefit, you will need to fill in a form, which you can get from the local council housing benefit office and we can assist you to fill that form.

If you are planning on claiming Universal Credit, you must apply online or contact your local Job Centre and make an appointment.

To apply for housing benefit, you must make an appointment with the local council’s housing benefit office immediately or submit a completed housing benefit form on line.


You will also need to personally visit the council offices to obtain a receipt for your application and lodge all relevant documentation. The receipt should be handed over to the landlords.

When you apply you will have to show:
• Your signed tenancy agreement
• Proof of Income Support and other benefits and/or
• The last five weeks pay slips or the last two months if you are paid monthly
• Your National Insurance number
• Proof of your identity (passport or birth certificate)
• Bank or building society statements
• Proof of income or attendance at school/ college of anyone else in your household.

The above information must be provided to the housing benefit department immediately so that your claim can be processed without delay.

You must also:
• Regularly check the progress of your claim
• Regular contact will make sure your claim is processed speedily
• Provide any information asked for by the housing benefit office immediately
• Let the housing benefit office and your landlord know straight away of any changes in your finances or household

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