Speed of Repair (repair time scales)

Speed of Repair (repair time scales)

Repair Timescales & Appointments 

People would obviously like all repairs to their homes done immediately, but we carry out several repairs each week so this is not always possible. Instead, we set target times dependent on the type of repair and how urgent it is. Exceptional circumstances will always be considered according to a resident’s vulnerability.

Emergency repairs within 24 hours

These are repairs where a delay in fixing them is likely to cause a serious health or safety risk to you or your home. We will quickly make the problem safe and restore essential services within 24 hours. We will carry out a permanent repair during normal working hours.

Emergency repairs include:

•  Dangerous electrical faults
•  Total loss of power/lights (not caused by power cuts)
•  Total loss of heating and hot water failures (November – February)
•  Major plumbing faults (eg where flooding occurs)
•  Making homes secure (eg boarding up, temporary make safe to doors and windows)
•  Blocked sewers or shared drains
•  Severe water or roof leaks where uncontrollable, causing damage to interior (weather dependent)

image005Urgent repairs – within 3-5 working days

We aim to respond to the following urgent repairs within five working days, including:

•  Total heating failure (March – October)
•  Total hot water failures (March – October)
•  Water leaks
•  Constantly running overflows
•  Total failure of door entry systems
•  Communal light repairs (where there is potential risk)
•  Partial heating failure
•  WC repairs (including no flush)
•  Cooker, Oven and Hob repairs
•  Repairs to doors and windows, where security is at risk
•  Badly leaking wash hand basin, bath or sink traps

image007Routine repairs – within 21 working days

These are day-to-day repairs, which do not cause serious inconvenience and can wait a short time before being dealt with.

Routine repairs include:

• Minor or individual electrical faults
• Communal repairs eg lights, surfaces (unless potential risk)
• Repairs to smoke alarms
• Re-glazing (where any necessary boarding up has been carried out)
• Replacing faulty external door locks
• Communal path repairs (where there is potential risk)
• Repairs to kitchen fittings
• Repairs to plaster work
• Dripping or leaking taps or shower units & other minor plumbing repairs
• Replacement window handles that are not secured or are not a health and safety risk
• Repairs to flooring that are not a health and safety risk.
• Easing doors and windows
• Other minor day-to-day repairs or replacements

image009Appointments & scheduling a repair

In most circumstances, our staff will agree an appointment date and time period (morning or afternoon) when you report your repair. If, under exceptional circumstances this cannot be done, we will tell you and arrange for the contractor to contact you directly to arrange a convenient time.

Once we confirm the appointment, an order will be issued to our Contractor. You will receive phone call or email confirming the appointment. If for any reason our contractor cannot attend to the agreed appointment date then we will reschedule the cancelled appointment for another date for all non-emergency repairs.

Missed appointments mean wasted time and money.

Please make sure you keep repairs appointments we have given you.
It is important that you (or another adult) are at home to let the contractor in. If you know beforehand that you will not be able to keep to the specific morning or afternoon agreed with you, please let us know as soon as possible (at least 24hrs notice) and we will agree another date. You may also give us permission to use our own keys to allow our contractor to gain access to carry out the repair.

If you are not at home when we call for an agreed appointment the repair will be cancelled and you may be charged.