Rent Guide

Rent Guide

Renting a property can be a formidable task regardless of whether this is your first time to rent or if you have rented properties in the past. The properties we offer are fully compliant with all statutory regulations and have an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) as well as valid Gas safety and Electrical installation certificate. Our landlords do not charge any service charges.

Each property has a different rent.

As a guide please note for a typical flat/ house located in Croydon and surrounding boroughs (excluding Central London) the rent per calendar month is in the region of:

Property type
Size (No of bedrooms)
Rent Guide
Studio Flat N/A £ 800 – £ 900*
Flat / apartment One £ 900 – £ 1150*
Flat / apartment Two £ 1150 – £ 1300*
Flat /apartment Three £ 1300 – £ 1550*
House Two £ 1150 – £ 1400*
House with Garden Three £ 1400 – £ 1700*
House with Garden Four £ 1700 – £ 2300*

* Rent quoted above does not include: water rates, council tax, gas and electricity bills.

Most of us dream of having the perfect home but it is important to look at the bigger picture when working out what you can afford in terms of rent.

And it’s not only the rent you have to take into consideration, but the utilities and peripheral expenses as well. You will pay for Council Tax and supplies of electricity, water, telephone, gas or fuel oil, insurance and all other incidentals.

To figure out how much rent you can afford, you first need to work out what all your other outgoings and costs will be.

You can find out more on rent affordability guidance on Money advice service