Want to arrange a viewing?

Simply register your interest in any advertised residential property for rent. We will send you an invitation email confirming the date and time when the open viewing will be held.

All viewings will be accompanied by someone from our office.

Our open days for viewing are weekdays and the time is usually between 10.30 am – 12.30 pm. If however, you are really stuck and unable to meet during the day we can consider to make arrangements for an early evening or weekend viewing.

At the viewing our staff will be available to answer any questions you may have and we recommend you visit our tips for viewing guide.

If you are running late when the viewing is scheduled or if you get lost, please get in touch asap! We will often have a number of viewings booked in a day and so if you are going to be late, we may well have to leave so as not to be late for our next appointment. Please always carry a mobile phone with you and make sure that it is switched on so that we can contact you!

If you like a property that you view, you will need to apply to become a Tenant. We will provide you at the viewing a simple pre tenancy application form which has to be completed.
There is no fees payable for completing the form and at the end of the open day we send a report to the landlords who will consider your application.

We look forward to showing you around !