ZK Investments Seasonal Tips

Seasonal Tips

Please follow the link below to see our tips for looking after your during the different seasons.
To see more, please follow the link: Seasonal Tips

• Wipe down mouldings and baseboards
• Wipe down ceiling fans
• Dust lampshades
• Clean the oven
• Clean sofas and rugs with a vacuum

• Dust all surfaces
• Scrub shower and tub
• Scrub and disinfect toilet
• Mop bathroom floor
• Wipe down faucets
• Wash inside and outside windows
• Clean drapes
• Trim Shrubbery (If you have a garden)
• Clean decking and patio (If you have a garden)

• Wipe down fridge doors and drawers
• Clear clutter and old food from fridge and freezer
• Scrub inside of stove
• Dust bookshelves, tables, frames and ceiling fans
• Change the bedding to warmer sheets
• Clean mattress

• Clean vents
• Wipe down door handles, light switches etc
• Put down waterproof mats by doorway for wet shoes