You may live in a flat where your hot water is heated in a Hot Water Tank by electricity. The system is very easy to use, if you are not sure you are using it correctly, please below our instructions.
The hot water tank has 2 heating elements, so when the first element stops working, you have a backup. You can report the repair to us and still get hot water using the back up.

Element 1:

This is the one you will use most to heat your water, just make sure the switch is in the on position and that that the timer switch is in position, so it heats up your water when you want it hot.

How to set the timer

1)Push down the black segments on the timer face corresponding to the desired operating time (One segment = 15 minutes – Four segments = 1 hour)

2)Turn the outside dial in a clockwise direction following the direction of the arrow until the solid black arrow is pointing at the current time.

3)Flick the switch on the right-hand side down so it is on the timer function.

4)For manual override, put the switch up

Element 2:

This element is only to be used as a back up should the first element fail. Should the first element fail, turn on this element, wait a few hours and the water should become hot.

Do not leave the switch on constantly, it will cost you a lot in electricity, turn on for a couple of hours at a time then switch off.

Once you have done this, report that the first element is not working to us though the repair page and we will arrange for a builder to come and fix the first element.