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Pest Control

Pest Control

If you have any concerns about pests in or around your property, contact ZK Investments immediately.

We carry out pest control treatment for some pests found in the home. Initially we will investigate reports of pests and arrange treatment if we are responsible.

In order to eradicate pests, we have to be able get into any property in the block. This is essential for the health and safety of all our residents, so we will consider legal action against anybody who refuses access and charge them for the cost of the legal action.

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Action Plan

For common rat /mice infestation we have many aids( traps and tick tack boards) to send to you immediately after 1st notification. Other pest control aids are also available – please contact ZK Investments for further information.

If the problem persists after more than 4-6 weeks then we will call out specialist pest control firms to carry out the required service.


Control Measures
The easiest way of dealing with rodents is to make sure that they do not get a toe-hold in the first place. They are omnivorous and will feed on a wide range of foods, depending on what is available. Any meal for you or your pet will do very nicely for a rat or mouse too, so to avoid extending an open invitation, food stores must be secure, any spillages cleaned up quickly and kitchen waste stored properly.

The need for a good standard of hygiene also extends to the outside of a property too – food scraps on compost heaps, undisturbed sheds and general debris around the garden can all attract rats and mice.

To prevent rodents entering the house, block up any gaps in the masonry, cupboards or around pipes and make sure windows and doors fit correctly. Attaching suitable guards to the drainpipes will stop rats climbing up them.

Some people have had success deterring these pests with fresh mint and a range of ultrasonic devices are also available which are said to be effective.

It may be possible to deal with a small number of mice or rats by trapping, but for a larger infestation, the only really effective method is likely to be poison and a variety of suitable products are on sale. Mice are inquisitive and will try new food sources, so a large number of small bait stations will get their interest; rats on the other hand are wary
creatures, prone to giving any new thing a wide berth. Only once they have become accustomed to its presence, will rats begin to take the bait.

It is important to be aware, however, that rodent poisons – rodenticides – can represent a major danger to cats and dogs, which may either eat the bait itself or one of the pests which has taken it. Pets must be kept well away from both treated areas and the dead or dying rodents – as should children, too, of course.

While the householder may be able to deal with these pests on a small scale, a major rodent infestation is probably best left to the experts – though as always, taking steps to avoid the problem in the first place is by far the best option.

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