Repairs and Maintenance

You can now report repairs online, via the internet.
Please select the ‘contact’ button (below). If you prefer to phone please call ZK Estates Direct on the telephone number 020 8649 8784 or Text Service: 07797 8005 13

TEXT US on 07797 8005 13 or Contact us

Before notifying us you must
Check below to see which repairs are your responsibility and which are ours.



ZK Estates carries out a great deal of repair work to tackle wear and tear and ensure the safety and comfort of our residents.
Our programme of repairs is designed to ensure the upkeep of our properties but inevitably other problems occur and are
reported by residents.

Repair priorities

We prioritise these according to urgency.
Not all repairs are carried out by ZK estates – some are the tenant’s responsibility.

You must allow a minimum of 48 hours Notice for any works that are the responsibility of ZK Estates to be carried out.

• Tenant’s responsibility
If damage is caused by you or a member of your household, the repair is your responsibility. In certain cases we will carry out the work, especially in an emergency or other exceptional situation, but you will be charged for it.

• Tenants are also responsible for:
Blockages to a sink, toilet or bath caused by you, your family or visitors, even if it is accidental

Providing extra locks
Repairing or replacing locks because of action by you, your family or visitors. This includes repairs or replacements because keys have been lost or stolen

• Broken glass
If the damage has been caused by you, your family or visitors

• Fitting door bells
Plumbing or repairs to equipment such as washing machines and dishwashers

• Adapting inside doors to fit carpets
• Fitting draught excluders
• Replacing light bulbs, fluorescent strips and starters

Decorating is also the tenant’s responsibility and is not part of the repairs process.

We do however carry out a limited amount of redecoration work, depending on resources, for elderly or disabled residents who cannot carry out the work themselves and do not have anyone to do the work for them. If you would like to take part in this scheme, please contact ZK Estates to check whether you are eligible.
Please note you must not redecorate any part of the flat without first consulting us.

Our programme of scheduled repairs covers:

• Repairing baths (only when they are unusable)
• roof leaks and damp
• leaking gutters and rainwater pipes
• major repair to or replacement of door entry systems or TV aerial
• replacing windows and double-glazed units
• replacing walls, fencing and gates.
• Boiler repairs and heating servicing