Report anti-social behaviour form

Please use this form to report anti-social behaviour to us.

We will use the information you give us to help us deal with the problem and not for any other purpose.

We will be in touch with you as quickly as possible, but please be aware this may take up to five working days.

If the problem is serious and urgent, please text us on 07797 8005 13.
If you feel threatened or are at risk of violence, you should always phone the police.

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Report anti-social behaviour form

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Your Nameyour full name
Property Address:Enter your full address and postcode
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Mobile Phone NumberContact telephone number.
How would you like us to contact you?
What is the best time to contact you?
Do you require an interpreter to speak to us?
If yes, what is your first language?
What has happened? Please give brief details of what, when and where the problem occurred.
If there is a tenant taking drugs we recommend that you do not confront them, and call the police. Have you called the Police to report the tenant?
If you have spoken to the police and reported the crime, please could you provide us with the Crime Reference Number in the box below?
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Once the Police have investigated and made charges we will take tenancy action against the tenant.

We recommend that you do not approach the tenant yourself; all drug activity needs to be reported to the appropriate authorities.
You will need to report the drug activity to the police as this is a criminal matter. We are unable to act on these matters until the police have investigated and made charges.
You can call your local police station on 101 or call crime stoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

If they have been smoking in the communal area do you have any evidence of this?
Please describe the evidence you have in the box below and if you can please send it to our email address.
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If you could provide us evidence of the tenant smoking in the communal area, this would be very useful. You could take a photo of any cigarette ends that they leave behind and send them to us

If the problem is loud noises have you tried posting a Noise Nuisance Post Card? Most people who are loud don’t realise and posting them one of these anonymously can be helpful. Noise Nuisance Post Card

If you have attempted to ask the tenant to be less noisy but they have ignored you, please can you inform us if you have any evidence of the noise?
Please describe the evidence you have
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If you have no evidence we suggest you download the below app onto your phone to record any noises and also keep a diary of when these noises are taking place, you can print off a copy of ours to use below:

The Noise App
ZK Investments Diary Sheets

Please give us a full explanation of the problem
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Who do you think caused the problem? Please give their name and address (if known) or a description.
Who else was involved? For example, were there any witnesses or were the police or any other agencies involved?
Have you contacted anyone else about this matter - e.g. the police or enviromental health?
If yes, please provide details, such as reference numbers and contact details:
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