Tenancy Renewal

Thank you for visiting this page to renew your tenancy, please follow answer all below questions and follow the instructions to submit your acceptance.

When you submit this form, please make sure to include the following:
1)Photo ID (passport, drivers licence etc)
2)1 X Utility Bill

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Property Details

I can confirm that I accept the Tenancy Renewal Offer

Address of property to rent
Rent Renewal OfferPlease put below the rent offer received, review the email/letter you received.
What day do you want to start the tenancy?
Length of tenancy offeredReview the letter/email received to find length offered

Personal Details

Please fill in the below to update and confirm your details

First Name
Middle Name
Last Name (Surname)
Any other names you have been known by
Date of Birth
National Insurance Number
Marital Status
What is your Nationality ?
If other, please enter your nationality
If other, please can you confirm you can provide the documents to prove right to rent
Are your living in?
Other living situation

Your contact details

Mobile Phone Number

Other occupants and Dependents intended to live at the property

Is the property shared with other adults aged 18 or over?If yes, please list names and Date of Birth of all adults living in the property.
Please provide the name and Date of Birth of any adults in the property.
Are any children under the age of 18 living in the property
Please state the number of children

Employment & Other Details

What is your current employment status ?
What was your last job role ?
When did your previous job end?
If unemployed, when do you think you will go back to work?
Employer’s Name
Employer’s address & post code
Phone No
Job Role
Gross Salary per month
Starting Date
Are you aware of any matters that may cause your employment to change in the near future?
Please provide details like when you intend to resume work if unemployed etc?

If Self-Employed, please complete below:

Your profession
Trading Start date
Your trading name
Approximate Annual Income
Do you have accounts for last 12 Months

Additional Income

Any other income such as Tax Credit’s Secondary employment etc, please fill in below.
0 /

General Enquiry

Do you or any of the proposed occupants have any disabilities or medical conditions?
Please provide further details
Do you Smoke
Do you have any previous drug / alcohol dependencies?
Do you keep any pets in the property
Please specify Type and Breed of pet
Do you have car or vehicle parked at the property?
Next of Kin First Name
Next of Kin Surname
Post Code
Mobile No
What is your relationship with the above
As you have chosen yes, please state fully and truthfully the details of any CCJs you have recieved.

Universal Credit / Housing Benefit

Do you currently receive Housing Benefit?
Do you currently receive Housing Benefit(HB) / Universal Credit(UC) ?
Please state monthly amount of benefit received?
Claim for HB or UC
Do you receive this from the Council or from Universal Credit?
How is the housing benefit or universal credit being paid ?
How much Housing Benefit do you currently receive a month?
Do you receive any other benefits? Please put them below with the amount received weekly.
Please provide any additional information you feel we may need to know:
0 /

If the council is providing you with financial assistance to move into the property please complete this section

Have the council confirmed how much they will pay towards your Rent in Advance and Deposit?

How quickly can the council pay the funds?

Name of Council and your case worker in the council?
Email address of the council case worker
Other Comments
0 /

Confirmation of your Tenancy Renewal

Please review the rent and term of tenancy before submitting it to us. 

Click here to download the standard tenancy agreement – note this will be updated after receipt of the email with specific details of your tenancy.

I can confirm that I have reviewed the rent and rent term offered

I hereby confirm that the information provided by myself is to the best of my knowledge true.

Tenant Name
Tenant's Signature
(Sign Here)
Clear Signature

Document UPLOAD

Note: Please submit any two of the following with this application form if this is not supplied then this could delay the pre tenancy process

Passport or Driver Licence (With Photo)
1 x Utility bill or mobile phone bill (Dated within last 3 months)
Copy of bank statement (Dated within last 3 months)
Proof of receipt of any benefits
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