General Questions

Are your properties furnished?

Most of our properties are unfurnished, but please note the details of the property in which you are interested. If it includes furniture then it will say so. All our properties come with modern fitted kitchens and fully tiled bathrooms.

Will the Landlord provide white goods (Fridge/ Washing Machine)?

There generally is no obligation on the Landlord to provide ‘white goods’. There are some exceptions in relation to multiple occupancy properties or where the white goods are integrated in kitchen or utility room units.

Sometimes white goods may be left at the property for use by the tenant, but are ‘gifted’ so the responsibility for repair falls to the tenant. You will be advised as to the position at the viewing.

Are Pets allowed?

Most landlords are not keen on allowing pets but if you raise the issue at the outset we will gladly approach the Landlord on your behalf. Some Landlords will accept pets if you pay a higher deposit. However if there is a special requirement you need to disclose this on the pre tenancy application and we will request the landlords to reconsider their policy.

Is parking available?

We will advise you if the property has parking either on site or in a garage. However, most parking is on the street.

All London Boroughs have their own controlled parking zones (CPZ) for residents parking. You will need to contact the relevant local authority parking control department to make an application and pay for a Residents parking permit. They will ask you to prove that you are a resident by sending them a copy of your tenancy agreement.

The valid permit must be displayed at all times on the inside of your car windscreen.

Do I need to be insured?

The Landlords insurance policy will not cover your possessions. We strongly advise that you take out a Tenants contents insurance policy to protect your belongings such as furniture, electronic devices, jewellery, pictures and items of value against fire, damage and theft.

Who pays the council tax and other bills?

In all our properties the council tax is payable by the tenant.
All utility bills are your responsibility except where agreed otherwise in the Tenancy Agreement. You must set up your accounts with your chosen suppliers upon moving in and close those accounts at the end.

Can I rent if I am a student?

It is possible to secure a property if you’re a student, and some landlords let their property to mature or post-graduate students.

You will need a parent, relative or close friend to guarantee the rent, known as a guarantor, and adherence to the Terms & Conditions of the Agreement.

Affordability and general advise ?

Renting a property can be a formidable task regardless of whether this is your first time to rent or if you have rented properties in the past

You need to ensure you can afford the rent in addition to your other living costs including utility bills, council tax and groceries etc. Read more

How often do you inspect properties?

If we are managing the property, we aim to carry out a visible inspection of the property every 3 to 6 months and send a written report to you and the Landlord.