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In case there is joint tenancy then the online application needs to be completed for all prospective tenants.


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Pre-Tenancy Application

Property Address
Rent Offer (Please put the rent offer below, review the email you received for the recommended rent)Note that the rent does not include bills like council tax, water and energy – electric or gas
After completing the pre tenancy application, when can you move in?
How long would you like to rent the property?

Personal Details

Your Nameyour full name
Mobile Phone NumberContact telephone number.
What is your Nationality ?
If other, please can you confirm you can provide the documents to prove right to rent ?
What is your country of birth?

Date of Birth

Marital Status
Do you have any children under 18 who will live at the property ?

Current Address and Employment and Benefits

Post Code - Where you are currently living

Time at this address

Are you presently living in
What monthly rent are you currently paying?
What is the reason for moving?
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What is your current employeement status ?
If unemployed, when do you think you will go back to work?
Job title / Description
What is your current income – gross wages per month ?
Do you currently receive Housing Benefit(HB) / Universal Credit(UC) ?
Claim for HB or UC
Please state Monthly amount of Benefit received?

If you are in receipt of HB or UC or are applying for HB or UC, the Landlords may decide that you require a Guarantor ( Must be in Full Time Employment or a Property Owner )

Can you offer a Guarantor?
Name of Guarantor
Email Address of Guarantor
Guarantor Status
What is your relationship to your guarantor?

Other information

Can you pay the £ 200 Holding Deposit ? This payment is needed only if your pre tenancy application is accepted by the landlords

Please be aware that if we discover any misinformation that causes the landlords to cancel the application, the deposit would be forfeited.


Do you have 1 months’ rent to pay in advance?
Is the council going to provide financial assistance to pay for the 1st month's rent in advance?
Has the Council confirmed that you are eligible to receive help with the Rent in Advance?
Which council will you receive help from?
Email address of caseworker
Name of Case worker in the Council
Do you have your own deposit? * The deposit is usually equivalent to 5 weeks rent
Will the council provide assitance you to provide the deposit?
Has the Council confirmed that you are eligible to receive help with the Rent in Advance?
Which council will you receive help from?
Name of Case worker in the Council
Email address of caseworker
How much are the council willing to pay for the deposit ?
Have you ever had a County Court Judgment, Court Decree, IVA, Bankruptcy or Administration Order ? If Yes please give as much details as possible . It will count if you are truthful
As you have chosen yes, please state fully and truthfully the details of any CCJs you have received.
Additional Information(you can send any relevent comments)
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Confirmation of your pre tenancy application

Please note the property offered is as viewed

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