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We want to keep our homes in a good condition so our residents can enjoy living there.

Before completing the form please read the section on tenant’s responsibilities for repairs and maintenance. Please note we will carry out the repairs in accordance with our standard target time scale.

TIME SCALE OF REPAIR – We set target times dependent on the type of repair and how urgent it is Read More

All urgent and non-urgent repairs can be reported by completing the form below.

In an emergency please call our office on 020 8649 8784 during office hours
(Mon – Fri 10am – 5pm) or send a text to 07797 8005 13 outside our normal office hours.
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Report a repair

Your Nameyour full name
Property Address:Enter your full address and postcode
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Mobile Phone NumberContact telephone number.
EmergencyOnly in case of emergency.

If there is a fire in the property that you cannot put out, evacuate the property, call 999 and ask for the Fire Brigade.

After you have done this send us an email to or phone us on
0208 649 8784.

If you have a gas leak or you can smell gas you must immediately evacuate the property and then contact: National Grid Gas Emergency Service on 0800 111 999

After that you must contact us by telephone 0870 428 1083 or send an email

Urgent repairs
Please give more detail regarding the problem
Hot Water
Please give more detail regarding the problem
Please give more detail regarding the problem
Please give more detail regarding the problem
Electrical Fault
Please give more detail regarding the problem
Routine Repairs
Please give more detail regarding the problem
Bathroom / Toilet
Please give more detail regarding the problem
Please give more detail regarding the problem
Please give more detail regarding the problem
Walls and Ceiling
Please give more detail regarding the problem
General Repair / Maintenance
Communal area
Pests / Vermin
Please add photos of the repair issue, this will let us see the problem and respond to it quickly.Anything you feel will help us processing the enquiry. (Upload up to 10 images)

If you want to send us a video, please send it to Please make sure to include your name and address when sending.

Have you read our guidance notes above?

Please click here to read the notes as some faults can easily be repaired by yourself.

Any other comments?
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Appointment and Access

Allowing us to use our keys can speed up the response time for a repair. Note our builders are professional and compliant when carrying out repairs without the presence of the occupant / tenant. Most of our tenants prefer this option instead of a fixed appointment as it saves them from having to take time off work.

Can our contractor use our keys ?
Our scheduled days for attending repairs is Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. Please be aware that non-urgent repairs may take 7 to 10 days.
Please indicate whether you’d like an all-day or afternoon time slotRequired
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It is important that you advise us of the precise fault and only report one problem. If you have more than one fault, please fill in the form again.

Please also make sure to attach pictures of the fault when appropriate.

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