Moving Out

How do I end my tenancy?

If you need to move out:

Please complete the formal notification on Line

• We’ll visit you to inspect your property before the tenancy ends or on the day you are moving out.

• you must pay your rent up to the date your tenancy ends, even if you move out before then

• You must pay off any rent arrears that you may have.

You must return your keys to us. If you do not, we will continue to charge you the full rent.

If I move out what must I do?

To minimise any risk of a claim against your deposit it is vital to return the property in good, clean condition. The property will be checked against the thorough inventory created when you checked in.
So if you take time to ensure it is returned in the same condition all should be fine.

If you fail to do this you could risk claims on your deposit, and/or long delays.

Moving Out – What is expected and helpful tips.

If you have inserted nails or screws into the walls during your tenancy, or walls have developed marks, then you should touch up or paint the walls where necessary, ensuring it is the same colour as agreed with the Landlord. If you don`t know the paint colour then please ask us or your landlord.

The entire property should be cleared of ALL your items and thoroughly cleaned. The cooker, hob and extractor should be ‘professionally’ cleaned immediately prior to your vacation, especially if they were ‘professionally’ cleaned before your tenancy.
Be sure to pay attention to the detail. Any marks made during your tenancy should be treated, removed &/or redecorated. Any damage should be repaired, windows, skirting boards, doors, cupboards, sinks and bath etc. should be cleaned and the garden should be left neat. The lawn (where relevant) must be cut and bins emptied and the loft and garage must be cleared of all items and left clean.

Commonly missed areas consist of:

1. Oven and hob not professionally cleaned – inside and outside.
2. Ceramic tiles in kitchens and bathrooms not cleaned.
3. Unclean toilets and toilet seats.
4. Dusty/dirty skirting boards, tops of doors and frames etc.
5. Kitchen cupboards (inside and out) and drawers, plus tops of units dirty/dusty.
6. Kitchen appliances inside and out not cleaned, including rubber seals.
7. Lime scale build-up on taps, shower heads and taps etc.
8. Extractor fans and air vents not cleaned.
9. Soap drawers and filters of washing machines and dishwashers not cleaned.
10. Sheds and garages not cleared and tidy.
11. Loft not cleared of items.
12. Cobwebs in corners.
13. Rubbish or other items not removed from the property, bins or garden.
14. Grass and hedges not cut and tidy.
15. Windows not cleaned (your agreement states to clean every 12 weeks).
16. Carpets not cleaned professionally, and/or unwashed floors.

What happens on the last day? Check out

Either a member of ZK Investments , or the independent inventory clerk, will meet you for your checkout appointment. This is when your inventory will be checked and any discrepancies or variations will be compared to the condition described when your tenancy commenced, this especially includes cleanliness.

During the checkout we will:

1. Check the cleanliness and condition of the property compared to tenancy start, and collect copy invoices for commercial oven and carpet clean.
2. Check for any damage, marks or broken items.
3. Check bins have been emptied.
4. Check loft and garage are left clear of items.
5. Take utility meter readings (if managed) so we can inform the providers.
6. Check the meters have not been changed to Pre Pay during your tenancy.
7. Take back all property keys from you. (itemised on your inventory). Be sure the same amount are returned. It is important that you hand all keys back, as locks are often changed between tenancies and re-used on other properties. You may be charged for any missing keys.
8. Take back all documents relating to the property, including Welcome Pack, all safety documents, the EPC and all user guides.
9. If you had a pet then we’ll check for any potential damage, especially lawn condition, which should have been patched and re-seeded where required.

Is my deposit refundable?

Your deposit will be held for the duration of the tenancy. At the end of the tenancy you will be checked out of your property and an assessment of damage / dilapidations will be made. Your tenancy agreement will state what can be claimed from the deposit. If any of these items are identified, then we will contact you to discuss the proposed deductions.

It will be your responsibility to ensure that you have fulfilled the terms of the tenancy, left the property in accordance with the inventory and schedule of condition, followed the check out notes and ensured that you rent is paid up to date.

How do I get my deposit back at the end of the tenancy?

There is normally a “checkout” procedure where an inventory is checked and a condition inspection takes place and providing there are no missing items or damage, your deposit should be returned shortly after you leave the property. You cannot set your deposit against the last rent payment due.

When do I get my deposit back?

We aim to return all deposits within 14 days of check out – but the speed at which this money is returned is intrinsically linked to how the property is handed back at the end of the tenancy i.e the more works required (cleaning, maintenance) the longer it may take to establish final costs etc.

Protect your identity- Redirect your mail.

Just a final tip.

Tenants have been known to steal the identity of previous occupants by opening their mail. We urge you to set up a mail forwarding service with the Post Office to help prevent this from happening to you.